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The CDC's Death Certification Handbook's for Medical Examiner/Coroner and Physicians clearly states that "Causes of death on the death certificate represent a medical opinion that might vary among individual physicians"and the National Vital Statistics System's Possible Solutions to Common Problems in Death Certification states "Often several acceptable ways of writing a cause-of-death statement exist." 

Every year at least one-third of all death certificates are registered with serious inaccuracies. Getting advocacy in navigating cause of death accuracy issues can:

  • Ensure the medical information on the death certificate is accurate BEFORE your loved ones' record is registered with the State.
  • Help your family discern if your loved one's record needs to be amended and how to do that.
  • Learn about local, state and nationwide resources for a spectrum of cause of death investigations options that can be utilized even after burial or cremation.
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Health Information of Deceased Individuals


"...the personal representative of the decedent (i.e., the person under applicable law with authority to act on behalf of the decedent or the decedent’s estate) has the ability to exercise the rights under the Privacy Rule with regard to the decedent’s health information, such as authorizing certain uses and disclosures of, and gaining access to, the information..." 

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