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Factual Reporting Advocacy Network (FRAN) is a grassroots solution to the cause of death data capture crisis. The education and support will be offering in this arena are a nearly non-existent resource to those navigating the culture of inaccuracy in cause of death reporting. 


We believe that prioritizing accuracy is attainable and we need your help to continue creating the groundbreaking education and advocacy services necessary to those suffering in and from this broken system. 


Our five year goals include the following high-impact programs: 


  1. Digital Education Library: Topic-specific animated explainer videos, webinars and interviews with experts on death certificate inaccuracy and how to cultivate a culture of accuracy. 

  2. Community Support Forums:  This primarily encompasses website engineering costs and forum administrators compensation to create user friendly community forums for families, funeral homes, and medical certifiers sharing experiences, expertise and supporting each other in mortality data integrity. 

  3. Medical Advocacy Services: Onboarding and initial compensation for 7 nurses and 10 administrative personnel to assist families with cause of death consults, medical record procurement, review and education as well as any appropriate death certificate amendment advocacy. This will ultimately be a fiscally self-sustaining service, but will need initial start up funds. 

  4. Independent Audit Services: Coordinator, Scientific Advisors and Physician Panel stipend funding to take on necessary death data review for larger contracts such as hospital, city, county or State death certificate accuracy audits. 

  5. Fundraising Team: Onboarding and compensation for membership, donation outreach and grant writing coordinators. Again a fiscally self-sustaining staff position that simply needs help at its inception. 


We are in the process of filing to become a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit,  and will be doing our best to retroactively provide donation reciepts for any donations recieved during this filing waiting period, once we recieve approval. When you donate, feel free to specify what you would like your donation to be allocated towards, and we will send you program-specific updates on how your support is utilized to further our mission of accurate mortality reporting, as well as generalized updates that chart our grassroots milestones. 

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